Project The Art of Giving: Gift Baskets and Hampers 2012


Hi! How is everyone doing? Its been awhile since i last posted something here. 
I've been on hiatus in between school runs and painting at MommyGoneArtsy. 

Good news, besides painting, currently, I ventured into a new 
business of gift baskets and hampers with a friend: 

Do support us here too at 

If you're looking for the best gifts for that special someone, corporate clients, family members and friends? 

Please support MS Gift Baskets, our new business 
venture in the art of giving. 
We're now taking orders for RAMADHAN and SYAWAL 2012. 

Do reply with your email address to receive 
MS Gift Baskets Ramadhan+Syawal E-Brochure.

Thank you in advance for all your support. 
We really appreciate it.


Salam to all Shawl We Wrap's customers and friends,

Shawl We Wrap will be on hiatus until further notice. 

Currently, she is residing at her little art studio 

Mommy Gone Artsy

Visit her there for more original colourful artwork canvas collection. 

Thank you for all your support and have a nice day :)

Printed Shawls Series Twenty Six

from left to right: MA01(sold), MA02(available), MA03(sold), MA04(sold), MA05(sold)

from left to right: MA06(available), MA07(available), MA08(sold), MA0(sold)9, MA10(available), MA11(sold)

from left to right: MA12(sold), MA13(available), MA14(available), MA15(sold), MA16(available), MA17(reserved-norezreen)

from left to right: MA18(sold), MA19(sold), MA20(available)

material: viscose+silk

price: RM15 per piece

Printed Shawls Series Twenty Five

from left to right: SF01(available), SF02(sold), SF03(available), SF04(sold), SF05(sold)

from left to right: SF06(sold), SF07(sold), SF08(sold), SF09(sold),SF10(sold)

from left to right: SF11(sold), SF12(available), SF13(sold)

from left to right: SF14(available), SF15(sold), SF16(sold), SF17(available), SF18(sold), SF19(sold)

material: viscose+silk

Price: RM15 per piece

Sneak Peek: New Print and Patterned Shawls

Pashmina Shawl Tone Color Series 5

from L to R: SH31(sold), SH32(sold), SH33(sold), SH34(sold)

from L to R: SH35(sold), SH36(sold), Sh37(sold)

Material: Soft Cotton
Length: 28 x 70 inch

Price: 16 per piece

Pashmina Shawl Checkered Series 4

from L to R: SH21(sold), SH22(available), SH23(available), SH24(sold), SH25(sold)

from L to R: SH26 (available), SH27(sold), SH28(sold), SH29(sold), SH30(sold)

Material: Soft cotton
Length: 28 x 70 inch

Price: RM16 per piece

Pashmina Shawl Stripes Series 3

from L to R: SH01(sold), SH02(sold), SH03(sold), SH04(sold)

from L to R: SH05(sold), SH06(sold), SH07(sold), SH08(sold)

from L to R: SH09(sold), SH10(sold), SH11(sold), SH12(sold)

from L to R: SH13(sold), SH14(sold), SH15(sold), SH16(sold)

from L to R: SH17(sold), SH18(sold), SH19(sold), SH20(sold)

*sold out*
Material: Indian Cotton
Length: 28 x 70 inch

Price: RM15

Sneak Peek: Pashmina Shawl

Material: Indian Cotton
Length: 70 x 28 inch

Printed Scarves Series 4

from L to R: PD13, PD14

from L to R: PD15, PD16, PD17, PD18(sold), PD19

from L to R: PD20, PD21, PD22, PD23

from L to R: PD24, PD25, PD26

Material: Polyester
Length: 48cm x 48cm

Price: RM18 per piece

Printed Scarves Series 3

from L to R: PD01, PD02, PD03, PD04(sold), PD05(sold)

from L to R: PD06, PD07, PD08

from L to R: PD09(sold), PD10(sold), PD11(sold), PD12

Material: Polyester
Length: 45cm x 45cm

Price: RM18 per piece

Plain Color Shawls Series 2

from L to R: CC01(sold), CC02(sold), CC03(sold), CC04(sold)

from L to R: CC05(sold), CC06(sold), CC07(sold), CC08(sold)

from L to R: CC09(sold), CC10(sold), CC11(sold), CC12(sold)

from L to R: CC13(sold), CC14(sold), CC15(sold), CC16(sold)


Material: Georgette
Length: approx 155cm x 53cm

Price: RM 12 per piece

Sneak Peek SWW's New Print and Patterned Scarves and Shawls

Printed Scarves Series 4

Printed Scarves Series 3

Multicolor Plain Shawls