Printed Shawls Series Twenty Six

from left to right: MA01(sold), MA02(available), MA03(sold), MA04(sold), MA05(sold)

from left to right: MA06(available), MA07(available), MA08(sold), MA0(sold)9, MA10(available), MA11(sold)

from left to right: MA12(sold), MA13(available), MA14(available), MA15(sold), MA16(available), MA17(reserved-norezreen)

from left to right: MA18(sold), MA19(sold), MA20(available)

material: viscose+silk

price: RM15 per piece


Nik said...

Munz, nak MA17.. i so loike!

Muna said...

ok u got it..reserved for u;)

mira said...

rm 15?
plus postage x?
mahal la =='

Syurehn said...

May I know the length and width of M20?

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