Pashmina Shawl Stripes Series 3

from L to R: SH01(sold), SH02(sold), SH03(sold), SH04(sold)

from L to R: SH05(sold), SH06(sold), SH07(sold), SH08(sold)

from L to R: SH09(sold), SH10(sold), SH11(sold), SH12(sold)

from L to R: SH13(sold), SH14(sold), SH15(sold), SH16(sold)

from L to R: SH17(sold), SH18(sold), SH19(sold), SH20(sold)

*sold out*
Material: Indian Cotton
Length: 28 x 70 inch

Price: RM15


lyno said...

ade lg stok tak for dis kind of pashmina?

Muna said...

hi lyno,
only shawl code SH15 and SH06 are still available.the next pashmina stock comes will be varies of colors.

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