Tone Color Pashmina Shawl Wraps

p1 - SOLD


p3 - SOLD

p4 available

p5 - SOLD

p6 - SOLD

p7 available


p9 - SOLD

p10 available

length: approx 1.8 m x 1 m

price: RM16 per piece


Aida - Thisissofashion said...

Why is the two-toned pashmina sooo gorgeous? I suka p10 and p4 tapi berapa agaknya postage to uk..sobs..

p/s: Muna, kalau u nak scarves yg dah reserved, i can get it for you and you can have it fr RM50 pp, but i'll still charge you RM10 for the postage. Let me know if you are interested :)

Muna Adam-Rayan said...

tu in now kan for u to wear the pashis there..chill weather...grrrr...hihi..nanti i'll check the postage k?

tu laa..nanti i drool your scarves dulu k..will let u know:)

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